What Are Construction Defects?

Everyone wants their home to be unique and personalized, but few have construction skills to accomplish that personally, and so they must hire a contractor to do the work. In any construction project there is a possibility that the work will not be up to proper standards. That is when it pays to have experienced, personalized legal guidance to smooth the way for a positive resolution.

Since 1986, the attorneys at Nearhood Law Offices, PLC, have provided Arizona homeowners and contractors the skill and knowledge to protect their interests. Whether you are unhappy with the outcome of the construction project, or need help protecting the work you have done, we can work with you to get results that matter to you.

Two Sides To Every Project

Everyone goes into a construction project with high hopes. Disappointment in results is one thing, but there are situations that go beyond simply disappointment, including disputes over such questions as:

  • Unsatisfactory work vs. negligent construction: There is a wide gap between not having hopes met and having unsafe, unacceptable construction.
  • Flawed design vs. unattractive design: The goal of the architect and designer is to provide plans that you like, but also meet basic safety and structural needs. People can disagree about exactly where that line exists.
  • Problems with materials: Materials in building is a cost-saving measure, but can it go too far? If the product does not last as long as it should, perhaps there is a problem in the materials? Or is there another reason?

Construction defects are a complicated issue. Whether you are an owner or a contractor you want to have representation who understands construction and can pursue your best result.

Knowledgeable. Skilled. Proactive.

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