A Look At Our Work With LLCs

The needs of each business owner are different, and as a result, an owner should carefully choose the legal structure that makes the most sense for him or her. A limited liability company (LLC) provides the benefits of the protection against personal liability, partnership accounting, and minimal formation and maintenance expense.

Operating Agreements

In an LLC with multiple members, an operating agreement is essential. The operating agreement governs the internal affairs of the LLC, and provides necessary terms regarding capital contributions, tax allocations, money distributions, management, voting, dispute resolution, and the like. We have the experience to guide you through this process.

Nurturing Your Business For The Future

The attorneys of Nearhood Law Offices, PLC, have been working with companies in Arizona to serve their unique business needs since 1986. We offer skilled service and deep legal knowledge to our clients, tailored to them. Our goal is to build a working relationship with you and your company to last a lifetime. We have the experience and dedication to our clients that pays dividends. We protect your financial and legal well-being and provide advice when you need it.

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