Protect your future with an in-depth construction contract

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Construction Disputes, Developing Real Estate |

You may be looking to build a new house, or perhaps you have plans to give your business a new location. Whatever the project, investing in the construction of building is a big leap that requires care and attention-to-detail throughout the process. Starting out with a thorough contract can save you hassles and help you avoid legal disputes before, during and after construction is complete.

The legal representative you or the other parties choose to draft your contract will address several necessary areas. The contract should define your terms in a concise, detailed manner. It should also lay out the obligations of each involved party. For example: What are the obligations of the vendors? What about the contractors hired to do the work?

Furthermore, most well-developed contracts should include the following:

  • Time: Your contract will need to address the project’s timeframe. It should also be sensitive to each party’s schedule.
  • Cost and pricing: A thorough contract will include agreements on payment for services, payment methods and terms for late or no-payment penalties.
  • Materials used: You may want to know the specifics on the material being used in your property’s construction. Some materials are more expensive than others, and some may also come with certain regulations.
  • Dispute terms: If a construction contract dispute comes up, you will want your contract to address how you will go about your legal resolution. Contracts often address how this will take place.

Finally, an in-depth contract should clearly state the processes and transaction rules as they relate to the industry. Make sure your contract lays out these details in terms you (and other parties) understand, rather than jargon that a contractor may only know.