HOA living can be desirable even with restrictions

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Condominiums and townhomes have become popular in America. There are almost 350,000 homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in the country. About 70 million people live in them. In Arizona, the numbers of HOAs continue to grow.

Shared communities can be convenient for residents. That includes grounds maintenance and community facilities. Most people move there because they want the extra care and added facilities. There are also community rules that can make life challenging. Understanding how an HOA works can make your life easier

Community covenants matter

There are extra rules and regulations when you live in a shared community. They are created and enforced by the HOA. Not everyone enjoys living with extra rules and residents do not always agree with them.

Residents should expect fair treatment

If you live in a shared community, you should expect fair and respectful treatment.

That includes:

  • Documents and records that are accessible.
  • Clear bylaws and rules that detail the responsibility of both the HOA and residents.
  • Notification of changes in monthly or yearly maintenance fees.
  • Reasonable accommodations for disabled residents
  • Rules and regulations are enforced without bias.
  • Timely notification of proposed disciplinary actions and an opportunity to respond.

HOA boards set the rules

Elected board members are usually homeowners. They set conditions, covenants and restrictions for residents. They have the power to fine and place liens against mortgages. They oversee common areas and ensure residents follow rules.

There are things to remember if you live with an HOA. You have rights. You should receive fair treatment without bias. Understanding the expectations and rules can help you enjoy life. It can make your time living with community covenants easier.