Has a neighbor damaged your property? 

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Residential Real Estate Transactions |

You’ve lived in the same neighborhood for some time now and you’re very house-proud. You spent a lot of money in obtaining your dream home and you also invest significantly in its upkeep. 

For the most part, you get along well with your neighbors but recently you’ve noticed that they have caused some damage to your property. How might this happen and what are your options in terms of finding a resolution? 

Overgrown trees 

Your neighbor has a stunning mature tree in their garden. The problem is that the roots are starting to come up through your property. The wall that you built a few years ago is starting to crack and it’s only a matter of time before the damage gets worse. 

Construction work 

Your neighbor is making some home improvements, which include exterior building work. Unfortunately, some loose debris has crossed over into your legal boundary and damaged your garden fence. There’s even a crack in one of your windows. 

Are they aware of the damage? 

The first step to take is to alert your neighbor of the damage. They may be completely unaware that their actions have interfered with the enjoyment of your home. Through peaceful conversations, you might just be able to find a solution and ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

You have a right to enjoy your home 

If an amicable discussion doesn’t work, then you may have to start thinking about your legal options. Ultimately, you have a legal right to enjoy your home without unjustified interference. Seeking legal guidance may help you to obtain compensation for any damages you have suffered.