5 things property inspectors can miss

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Residential Real Estate Transactions |

Everyone who’s experienced in looking at real estate knows they’ll need an inspection. A perfect inspector will be able to tell you every flaw and danger on a property allowing you to reconsider your investment. But, inspectors are only human, and that could mean they’ll make mistakes and overlook serious issues.

Here’s what you should look out for:

1. Issues with pools and fountains

Some inspectors won’t look at water features on an estate. You may need to look at the contract you set up with your inspector to see if they’ll even consider evaluating a pool or fountain. If your inspector doesn’t look at these, then you may be missing large issues.

2. Roofing problems

Most inspectors won’t step foot on a roof, but instead, note if there are any missing shingles or damage seen from the ground. This could mean there are larger issues with the roof that won’t be immediately revealed. Roofing issues can be expensive and cause bigger issues.

3. Fencing trouble

Your inspector may not look at the fencing around a property. There may be issues with the fence that show security issues or weathering.

4. Inner wall issues

It’s unlikely an inspector will be able to see issues inside a wall – unless the walls have a secret entrance. There may be issues with a home that can’t be easily revealed, leaving an inspector’s evaluation somewhat incomplete.

5. Water damage

There are some issues with homes that can only be found with the right weather. The basement may leak in the spring or the patio may bulge in the winter. There may be signs that there are issues, but only a thorough inspector may find them.

A small issue with an estate could cost you heavily. If you find there are issues with an estate you’re looking to invest in then you may need to know your options