Commercial real estate transactions and the purchase agreement

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Are you planning to purchase commercial real estate? If so, you know this is not only a significant investment but that it requires quite a bit of documentation to ensure everything is legal and finalized. 

Part of the required documentation is the purchase and sales agreement. This is essentially the contract that is used to purchase something, including commercial property. This document is incredibly important, so you need to get it right. Here is the sort of information that needs to be included:

General information

Every person involved in the sale of the property needs to have their basic information included in this contract. This includes their name, address, and other contact information. 

Other necessary information to include in the contract is:

  • Type of sale being made (in this case, commercial real estate)
  • Agreement dates
  • Deposit amounts paid
  • Closing date
  • Ownership transfer date

This information outlines all the important facts related to the transaction. 

Commercial property description

Along with the basic information above, it’s necessary to include a description of the purchased commercial real estate. It should include all known issues with the property when the agreement is being drafted. Contingencies and buyer protection clauses should be included in this section. This will ensure if the buyer discovers non-disclosed defects, they are protected. 

Payment and financing

All costs related to the property purchase should be included in the purchase and sales agreement. Along with the financial aspect of the purchase process, this section includes stipulations that can end the contract if the buyer is unable to procure the necessary funds. 

The purchase and sales agreement is an important document that must be created properly and given to all involved parties. This will ensure that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities through the commercial property selling and buying process. Experienced legal guidance is wise.