2 important considerations for leasing retail space

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Commercial and Residential Leases |

People who are opening a retail establishment need to find a suitable location for their store. There are many factors that come into the picture when they’re looking. Rent and location are two of the top ones, but there are a few others that are also important. 

Some of the other factors that you should think about are the frontage your store would have and the parking that’s available for customers. These play a role in how customers will find your business and how easy it is for them to visit it.

Why are frontage and parking important?

Frontage is important because it directly impacts how visible your business is from the street. The more frontage you have, the easier your business is to see. You should also consider the number of windows along the front of the business so that you can show off your business’ goods. Of course, some retail spaces are discounted because of the unappealing frontage.

Parking is also important because customers aren’t like to visit your establishment if they can’t find a place to park. One exception to this is if the business is located somewhere that encourages walking, such as a walkable strip mall. Still, there should be parking in the vicinity for patrons of the businesses there. 

Don’t take chances with your lease when you find the right space

Checking these out before you sign a commercial lease is important since they can affect your business’ success. If these points check out and you find that the location is suitable, your attorney can review the lease to ensure there’s nothing hidden that might impact you later.