A partnership agreement is somewhat like a prenup for your new business

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Starting a business is an exciting endeavor. A partnership can be an ideal solution for someone who has ideas but not resources or perhaps investment capital but not hands-on experience. You and your partner combine your resources to help develop a new business.

If you have decided that a partnership is the ideal structure for your company, you may focus more on business formation than on your partnership itself. However, because it is an interpersonal relationship, the potential always exists for issues between you and your partner in the future. Creating a partnership contract now will help protect both of you if things don’t work out between you.

A partnership agreement lets you detail your expectations

Unspoken and unmet expectations can be the downfall of any working relationship. In a prenuptial agreement, a couple that intends to get married will put in writing certain expectations. For example, if one spouse stays out of the job market to raise the kids, they may expect spousal support should they divorce.

You and your business partner can do the same thing in your partnership contract by outlining your rules, contributions and expectations for the business. Starting off with stared expectations will set you up for success.

A partnership agreement also helps you plan to end the business or partnership

In a solid prenup, some of the most important clauses focus on how the spouses will split their property if they divorce. It is often very smart to include similar provisions in a partnership contract.

Agreeing to the circumstances under which you might sell the company or what you require for someone to buy out your interest in the business to make it easier for the two of you to go your separate ways if your business partnership doesn’t work out or if you both want different outcomes from the success of your venture.

Strong contracts and paperwork are crucial to a successful business partnership. A contract can help you avoid partnership disputes and can also make it easier to resolve them if they do arise.