Are you buying real estate with an easement?

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Taking on real estate can be an exciting venture. Finding the right property to purchase may have come together surprisingly fast, or it may have required a lengthy search that saw you weighing different variables to truly whittle down your prospects.

As you approach your purchase you may be expecting that that coveted property will be yours and only yours. As such, you may be surprised when you learn that it has an easement and may curious as to what it entails.

What exactly is an easement?

In plain terms, an easement allows the use of a property by someone who doesn’t actually own it. According to Rocket Mortgage, the purpose of these easements can range from a private arrangement between neighbors to an agreement forged with a utility company.

The intimate nature of an easement can depend on who it is with and what purpose it may serve. Discovering an easement can be generally as easy as performing a title search.

Can I put a stop to it?

While there’s a chance that you’re very willing to deal with the ramifications of this easement, you may wonder as to what your legal options are if circumstances change. According to The Balance, an easement may have been set up for circumstances that no longer apply or may have even had a set expiration date that you could simply wait out. Those aren’t the only available options, however, and it can be wise to reach out to a legal professional to make sure that it is a viable option before you get your hopes up.

If your real estate ventures have been complicated or risk complication due to an easement, it’s understandable to be frustrated. To get a better idea of what options are available there are resources to help define the outlook for your property. Having a connection with a professional advocate who is well versed in real estate law can be beneficial.