Things to consider before buying commercial real estate

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2020 | Developing Real Estate |

Investing in commercial real estate in Arizona can be incredibly profitable. However, no investment is guaranteed to be successful. Before you sign any contracts, you’ll need to do some research to ensure that you’re making a worthy investment. Here’s some advice on buying commercial real estate.

Tips on buying commercial real estate

If you’re planning on buying a lot and building a new property, you’ll need to conduct research to make sure that your plans are viable. Look into the local zoning laws to make sure your vision is achievable. You’ll also want to look into building permits, ADA laws and everything else you need to know before you start building. There’s nothing worse than getting started on a project only to find out that the city is shutting it down.

You’ll also have to prepare yourself for setbacks. While nobody likes to think about it, there’s a good chance that your real estate project could be more expensive than you initially intended. Plan ahead for extra costs, scheduling delays and anything else that could alter your plan. You’ll have to be flexible and adapt to new challenges.

To prepare for this possibility, you should set aside funds that you can use for extra costs. If you don’t have any additional funds, you might find yourself dipping into your savings account. You should hang onto these funds long after construction is completed so that you can be prepared if your business isn’t profitable right away.

Should you hire an attorney when buying real estate?

An attorney might be able to protect you from any legal issues that arise. Your attorney may educate you on permits, zoning laws and everything else you need to know. A real estate attorney may also help you write up contracts and apply for loans.